Trees and their Fruit | S1 E6

Trees and their fruit. Imagine this. You’re walking down a path in the country and you see a tree off to the side of the path. You see some apples on the ground around the tree, you look up and see some still hanging on the tree. So, are the apples good?

Gifts Part 2 | S1 E5

In my last podcast, I talked about Gifts, and how the bible separates them. I was gonna talk about individual gifts and spiritual gifts, but the vise-president made a statement that I have to address.

Gifts Part 1 | S1 E4

What are gifts? Well for most people if you give something to someone, without the expecting to get anything in return, that’s a gift. But in the bible gifts have a couple more categories. There are the gifts we give each other. Then there’s the gifts that we give to God. And there are the gifts God gives us, especially in connection with salvation, righteousness, and his grace.

Truth | S1 E3

Truth, what is truth? Well Webster’s defines it as;
The body of real things, events, and facts: something that is actual, factual

Faith and Hope | S1 E2

Every moment of every day we are being constantly attacked and bombarded by what’s going on here in America and the world. When an illness or injury attacks our body or our emotions, there are medicines and treatments that we can receive. But when it’s your faith that’s being attacked, what then? When the world seems so dark that you begin to lose hope in everything and everyone. There’s no magic pill we can take, so what do we do?

I’m Dave | S1 E1

God makes each of us for a different purpose, and he gives each of us what we need for that purpose. When you drive down the interstate, and see all the different road signs, mile markers, signs that tell you where you are, and the direction you’re heading. But the one sign almost everyone watches for is the “Rest Area” sign. Well that rest area is Jesus. See when you come to Jesus, he gives you everything that you need to get back on the road. I’m just holding the sign, letting everyone know that the rest area is just ahead of you. You can pull in or continue on, the choice is yours. But without Christ, what chance do any of us have of making our destination?