The Lamb and The Lion | S2 E4

Are you a Christian? Peter denied Christ three times because he was afraid of what might happen to him. Are you afraid of what the woke radical democratic socialists might do to you? Can you imagine the look on your face? There you are, standing before God the Father on Judgement day, everything you have ever thought said, or did lay out there at His feet. And Jesus says; He’s afraid to admit I know you.

Just One Thing | S2 E3

Just one thing. I listen to people talking about how hard life is. The crazy upside-down multi-tasking at a thousand miles an hour with their hair on fire world. Yep, there are hills and valleys, rivers, and oceans. Life is difficult, it’s challenging, and it’s simple. If you remember that life is all about just one thing. Now I can already hear it. People shouting okay, so just what is this one thing? Well, that’s for you to find out. I’m not being a smart (forgive the word) ass, but it’s true. Each of us has to find out what that one thing is. What that one thing is for me most likely won’t be the same for you. Maybe it will be, who knows? But you’re the only one who will know what that one thing is, and when you find it.

Visions, Heaven and Hell | S2 E2

Visions. Have you ever heard of a near-death experience? Some people report having an experience where they hover above their bodies. They can look down and see themselves, and what’s going on. That they enter into a bright light or a tunnel of light that takes them to heaven. Some have said they saw Jesus, talked with him, or maybe visited with a relative that had been dead. These experiences usually come as a result of a severe illness or injury where the person literally dies for a short period of time. But what would you call an experience when the person wasn’t sick or injured, someone who wasn’t near death?

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing | S2 E1

A wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’ve all heard it, and probably seen it in cartoons. But what is it?
A wolf in sheep’s clothing is symbolic of someone who outwardly appears harmless, and kind with good intentions, but inwardly is full of hate, evil, and deceit. A predator who appears meek and mild, and by the time you figure out who and what he is, he’s got you by the throat, ripping your lungs out. But did you know that this little saying came right from the bible, and not some fairy tale? In Matthew 7:15 Jesus warned us to “Watch out false prophets, They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” This was a warning about false teachings, false prophets, false preachers, and teachers.