World War or War on the World | S2 E8




Hello, and welcome to Faith is Hope,
I’m Dave.

World War or War on the World? Satan has waged his war on the world since the time of Adam and Eve. It all started with a lie, and that lie grew until sin covered the world. So God searched the world for one righteous man, Noah. God told Noah what was coming and what to do. And then God washed evil from the face of the earth. But sin rests in the hearts of all mankind. So again sin has grown and it covers the world. And God will again wipe sin from the face of the world. And that is a fact.

So, are you worried? Are you afraid of that time of great tribulation? The pain and suffering, the persecution for Christ’s name sake, even to death. Or are you running around telling yourself that that will never happen? I don’t have to worry about it, we’re all going to be raptured away, and we won’t have to go through that great and terrible tribulation. Yeah, you keep believing that and you’ll be sitting in one of those deckchairs on the Titanic.

If you’re living in fear of what is to come, I’ve got a suggestion for you. Get yourself right with God. Put your trust in the Lord and learn to walk by faith, not by sight. Put your faith in God’s promise, not man’s works. I’ve got some news for you. If you’re trying to save your butt instead of your soul, you’ve got a whole lot of hurt coming. Our bodies are just a vessel for our souls, like a Tupperware bowl. When you put something in one of those bowls, are you trying to save the bowl or what you put inside it? God doesn’t want us to focus on saving the bowl, our body. God wants us to focus on saving our soul because that’s what He put inside us. Don’t let others tell you what you have to do to be saved when it’s all right there in the bible. Just read it for yourself. Listen to what God is speaking to your heart, not what some preacher or priest is speaking in your ears. God doesn’t whisper in your ear, satan does. God speaks to our hearts.

Jesus told his disciples that before his return there would be a time of great and terrible tribulation. That we would be persecuted for his name sake even to death. Those false prophets, and christs would come and lead many of God’s elect away. Read about it in Matthew 24, it’s also in Mark and Luke. Paul said the same thing in Thessalonians one and two. That the son of perdition, the lawless one must come before Christ. I’m not sorry to tell you that we’re going to face that time of tribulation. I’m sorry that so many of God’s elect have lied to you. And for so many who will perish because they will follow the false christ, the antichrist when he comes with all the powers given him by satan. He will perform miracles and great wonders that will deceive many. But if you know that the antichrist, the tribulation, the suffering must come before the true Christ, and the peace and joy that he will bring then you will be gathered up with him in the clouds to live with God the Father forever.

Look around. Look around this world of ours. Look at what’s going on all around our nation. The lies, and deceit. The chaos and confusion, the anger and hatred for each other and ourselves. Crime, perversions of all kinds. The leaders of our nation promote the murder of God’s unborn children as a sacrifice to Baal the false God they worship. Satan is the father of lies, deceit, chaos and confusion, death, and destruction. Open your eyes. Don’t you see him, satan everywhere?

As a Christian, you oppose sin, satan, and all that he does. We won’t get into the being human, falling short thing, because we all do. But when you oppose something or someone sooner or later you’re going to go head to head with it. Satan is going to attack you. He’s going to do everything he can to get you to turn from God, to shake your faith. He’s going to tempt you, trample you, kick you every chance he gets. Look at what he did to Job. I know that Job was a human being. He had his faults and shortcomings just like the rest of us. I know that I’m not better than Job or more precious in God’s sight than Job was. So if satan can attack Job and destroy everything he had. Then I know that satan can do the same to me. I don’t fear what any man can do to me. I fear what satan can do to me if I give him the chance.

I don’t fear what I know, or something that I’m looking forward to. I don’t fear the dark, because I know the sunrise is coming. And I don’t fear that time of great and terrible tribulation. I welcome it. Not because I want to go through it, but because I know what’s on the other side of it. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And even if I’m dead and buried, I know that I will be raised up from the grave to be with my Lord in heaven forever.

The world will not end, no matter what you’ve heard God isn’t going to destroy the world. He is however going to destroy this age of evil and wickedness. God is going to destroy sin. That’s why Jesus must and will return. To destroy evil so that God’s kingdom can be restored here on earth. The new Jerusalem, God’s kingdom right here on earth, so that we can all be in his presence again.

Don’t you see? It’s always the darkest before the light. The tribulation, the pain, and suffering, the antichrist, satan all that darkness must come before the light. And the light is Jesus.
Don’t fear the dark, the Son’s rise is coming.

Hey, I’m Dave – Join me next time when I talk about – well let’s just see where the Spirit leads us. And until then, I’ll see you at the Rest Area.