Preparing For The Tribulation | S2 E14

Okay, I have to ask, why do so many Christians, fear tribulation? I mean Jesus told us about it, and his disciples told us about it, so it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming. So why fear it? I mean Christians would rather run away, would rather be raptured away than face that time of tribulation, why? What are you afraid of? I’ve heard it said that we only fear what we don’t know. But if you’ve come to Christ. If you’ve accepted Him as your Lord and Savior. If you’ve accepted his gift of forgiveness and salvation, then what don’t you know? Maybe you don’t know if you really are truly saved. That sounds more like a problem with faith.

Change Of Plans | S2 E13

Change of plans. Since my healing in 2016, I’ve received over three dozen visions from God, and hundreds upon hundreds of messages. None of the visions give me a date or time, but God does show me day and night, winter, spring, summer, and fall. See, if you wait to prepare for a tornado when it’s ripping the roof off your house, it’s too late. And you’re going to suffer for it, you might end up dead because you decided, you chose not to listen to the warning of your local weather. But God, Jesus Christ and his disciples, and the prophets of the old testament gave us warnings, are you listening to them, or are you choosing not to?

Attacks | S2 E11

Attacks. All throughout the bible and throughout history there are those who are attacked and those who do the attacking. It’s nothing new, even the majority of the reasons are the same. Land, possessions, money, riches, faith, beliefs, there’s really nothing new under the sun. People have been attacking people ever since Cain and Abel. But what’s going on right now, is different. I can’t remember any time in history when people, nations, and the world attacked a person’s faith, religion, and God the way it is now. SO WHAT’S CHANGED?

Let’s Talk What’s Coming | S2 E9

I want to talk with you for a little bit. Credibility-The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief. Now that’s right out of the dictionary. So, I ask you, is it the message or the messenger that must be credible? If the message is credible, doesn’t that lend credibility to the messenger? I’m just a messenger, no different than any other Christian who shares God’s truth. The message is God’s not mine, and you can find everything that I’m telling you is right there in his word; The Bible. His message is truth.

World War or War on the World | S2 E8

WORLD WAR or WAR ON THE WORLD Hello, and welcome to Faith is Hope, I’m Dave. World War or War on the World? Satan has waged his war on the world since the time of Adam and Eve. It all started with a lie, and that lie grew until sin covered the world. So God […]

The Love of God Grows Cold | S2 E7

I love my new car! I just love my new house! Don’t you love that new iPhone 14? We love this, we love that, but when is the last time you heard someone say “I love God”? Or “I Love Jesus Christ”. How about I love the gift of salvation through the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for all of us on that cross? The love of God has grown cold.

Preparing For Christ’s Return | S2 E6

Preparing for Christ’s return. Just how do we prepare for Jesus? Well, first we need to acknowledge who Jesus is. He is the Son of God, his only begotten son, the Messiah. He was born, lived, and was crucified, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. Jesus shed his blood as a sacrifice for our sins and the sins of the world. And He is coming!

Satan’s Government | S2 E5

Satan’s government. I think that we can all agree that the entire world has gone to hell. And it’s no surprise since the world is under the influence of Satan. But, this current administration and government have shown themselves to be the children of Satan. It’s not a democrat or republican thing. It’s the beliefs, the agenda and ideology that is of satan. Our government lies, cheats, steals, deceives, and corrupts the hearts and minds of the very people that it claims to represent. We elect people to represent us, to speak for us, but do they? Does a government that doesn’t support the sanctity of life represent your beliefs? Does a government that persecutes and condemns God, Jesus, religious beliefs, and an individual’s faith, speak for you?

Just One Thing | S2 E3

Just one thing. I listen to people talking about how hard life is. The crazy upside-down multi-tasking at a thousand miles an hour with their hair on fire world. Yep, there are hills and valleys, rivers, and oceans. Life is difficult, it’s challenging, and it’s simple. If you remember that life is all about just one thing. Now I can already hear it. People shouting okay, so just what is this one thing? Well, that’s for you to find out. I’m not being a smart (forgive the word) ass, but it’s true. Each of us has to find out what that one thing is. What that one thing is for me most likely won’t be the same for you. Maybe it will be, who knows? But you’re the only one who will know what that one thing is, and when you find it.

Visions, Heaven and Hell | S2 E2

Visions. Have you ever heard of a near-death experience? Some people report having an experience where they hover above their bodies. They can look down and see themselves, and what’s going on. That they enter into a bright light or a tunnel of light that takes them to heaven. Some have said they saw Jesus, talked with him, or maybe visited with a relative that had been dead. These experiences usually come as a result of a severe illness or injury where the person literally dies for a short period of time. But what would you call an experience when the person wasn’t sick or injured, someone who wasn’t near death?