Satan’s Government | S2 E5

Satan’s government. I think that we can all agree that the entire world has gone to hell. And it’s no surprise since the world is under the influence of Satan. But, this current administration and government have shown themselves to be the children of Satan. It’s not a democrat or republican thing. It’s the beliefs, the agenda and ideology that is of satan. Our government lies, cheats, steals, deceives, and corrupts the hearts and minds of the very people that it claims to represent. We elect people to represent us, to speak for us, but do they? Does a government that doesn’t support the sanctity of life represent your beliefs? Does a government that persecutes and condemns God, Jesus, religious beliefs, and an individual’s faith, speak for you?

What Satan Looks Like | S1 E8

WHAT SATAN LOOKS LIKE Hello, and welcome to Faith is Hope,I’m Dave In my previous podcasts, I’ve tried to walk softly, so to speak. I’ve tried not to be too confrontational about the evil that I see being done by our government, the media, and so many others. I didn’t want to offend anyone, but […]